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Culture Secretariat Brás Cubas Gallery


PIGMENTO in Santos: “Landscapes, people and things of this world”

Introductory Note: PIGMENTO has existed for 5 years, formed by artists who meet every two weeks to discuss their production, contemporary art, in short, about what makes them continue to produce art in confusing times like ours. PIGMENTO is more than a group or a collective or a periodic meeting of artists: PIGMENTO is twelve artists, twelve ways of seeing the world through paintings, prints, installations, drawings, and sculptures. In this exhibition, the city of Santos does not appear explicitly, but as a stimulus to the look and thinking of both artists and visitors”. (…)

The landscape is not always open space, long perspectives where seas, mountains and vegetation coexist, or the horizon line is about to disappear. Renata Pelegrini sought to capture in Santos the intervention of man in the landscape. This “constructed landscape” cancels the mediation of the horizon line, inverts perspectives, transforms cranes into trees, warehouses into hills. It is not surprising that the resulting colors and shapes, in drawings or paintings, are endowed with an almost palpable dynamism. It’s a fast-paced time we have here. (…)

Everything is impermanence. People come and go, die and are born; even landscapes change quickly due to human action. It’s the time we live in, neither worse nor better, maybe just different. And art tries to maintain not only a calmer temporal relationship, a human rhythm and not that of machines, but it also maintains the ability to remain beyond our existence. Amidst the things of this world, it is comforting to know that some of them can speak of what it still means to be human.

Marcelo Salles