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About the artist

Fine artis, translator & interpreter and teacher, Renata Pelegrini combines different artistic veins, interests in science and personal narratives. She has used China ink as an indispensable instrument for her expression since 1995, when she studied calligraphy classic alphabets in New York (USA).

In order to reach organic lines that are more connected to the flows of time and body rhythms, Pelegrini studied eastern calligraphy traits while living in Milan, Italy (2006- 2007). Interested in the female ancestry, she was in an art residency at the Centro de Investigação Artística Hangar, in Lisbon, Portugal (2018). And from then on, several of her practices converged in an intertwined milieu of relationships. Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video are part of this process that weaves through’

the subjective universe, fiction, and care for the planet. Since 2020, she has been part of art-discussion-action groups, abroad and in Brazil, focused on the restauration and preservation of the environment, more-than-humans, and the ocean, in particular.

Trilogy of Water (2022) is a virtual collection of her works on the Ocean Archive platform in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary 21- Academy. In that same year, Renata received a partial scholarship at the Alternative Art School in the USA for the course Home in the Body in which she was coached by the artist Janine Anthony.

TENTACULAR at Casa do Olhar Luiz Sacilotto (2023) was the third solo exhibition of the artist and her first individual show in a public space. The solo was named after Pelegrini’s most recent printed edition of her work_ a kind of artistic book that converges different moments of her process.

Renata Pelegrini has exhibited in spaces such as Casa da Luz (2020), Funart SP (2019), Bienal do Sesc DF (2018), Mário de Andrade São Paulo Library (2018), Pinacoteca de Piracicaba (2017/ 2015/2014), MAC Campinas (2016), SCult Santos (2016), MARP Ribeirão Preto (2017/2016/2015), MAC Jataí (2015), Fondazione Giorgio Cini Venezia (2015).