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Press Realease

The first solo exhibition by the artist Renata Pelegrini will be presented on February 26th, 2016, from 7PM til 10PM at Casa Contemporânea in Vila Mariana, in Sao Paulo. With critical text Taisa Palhares and curated by Marcelo Salles, the exhibition is on display until March 26th, 2016.

About 20 works, comprising a series of drawings (mixed media on paper) and paintings (acrylic on canvas) will be presented at the show, which extols the ‘not visible’ and unknown to the artist’s eyes, but it results in full pictures architectural lines and reinvented spaces, having as starting the latent city and the submerged nature.

“I’m going to screen articulate an attempt to build something that has become remarkable in my recent work: a place,” says the artist who has lived in Milan and, since 2011, is the workshop with the painter Paulo Pasta. In the words of Marcelo Salles, coordinator of Casa Contemporânea and curator of the show, the main criterion was to build a concise exposition to translate the expressive force of the artist and his ingenious elaboration of memory to render existing places but, remembering Italo Calvino, invisible at its core.