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Campinas Contemporary Art Museum


Pigmento Group

One of the characteristics of my work as an artist is also one of the issues that most attracts me to art: the experience of the present expressed on canvas, paper or other support.

This experience can be a gesture or an elaboration of an image. What the works have in common is the recording of the moment or presence of my doing.

And even though it is an important condition in the completion of works, the instant presents itself as a concentrator of energy, and therefore, thinking of it as a record of a heroic act would be a mistake. First of all, the idea of the experience of the moment allows itself to be simply what is possible: to be an experience that conducts powers and also emptiness: in other words, an attempt.

The works, even if ‘precarious’ in their representations, appear to be possible to exist, as important transpositions for the next crossing; that is, the next work.

For the proposal of an exhibition of works with an experimental character – as was the ‘provocation’ that the curator presented to Pigmento – I worked with a large roll of paper for the first time, where I was able to create the experience of representing my attempts, almost always attempts to create a place. I was surprised by the rhythm that the images took on when I finally saw the paper unfolded. And I found in the roll of paper an idea contiguous to the idea of balls of wool – also represented in my works exhibited here.

In the novelty of the idea of this exhibition, there is a reunion of lines from my research with the possibility of the ‘artist’s scroll’ continuing to exist as a form I found for the content I try to create.