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Entropic School of Art


Tomie Ohtake Institute

The Discussion and Production in Contemporary Art course under the guidance of curator Galciane Neves and artist Victor Cesar lasted one year. During this period there were two semester-ending exhibitions open to the public.

In the first of them I participated with a transparency projection with an analog overhead projector. The image reflected on the wall was of an overhead projector being projected onto that same wall.

In the second exhibition, I presented a text + diagrams related to my time as a classroom teacher. The diagrams with straight lines and a sketch of the interior space of the classroom that I used in my period of practice at school, showed the movement of students walking inside the room during the various activities of certain classes.

In addition to the text and diagrams, in this second edition, I presented cold ceramic sculptures that were related to the theory of Johari Windows_ theory of psychology_ and how in the teacher-student relationship the windows chart were changed based on the time of relationship with the group I worked.