Trilogy of Water 2022

Trilogy of Water 2022

Trilogy of Water 2022

The TRILOGY OF WATER is a group of poetic expressions in my artistic practice. Waves, Corals, and Deep Sea are pieces in which memories of water appear through the senses and sensors of my body. The three works give raise to a milieu of relations among various artistic resources, learnings and experiences. They are a triad of inflections that have strengthen bonds after my participation in OCEAN/UNI, especially through the study of Astrida Neimanis’ ideas.


Renata Pelegrini is a Brazilian artist who has lived in the USA and Europe, and now is based in São Paulo. She joined TBA21-Academy OCEAN/ UNI in 2020. Using an investigative approach that combines different art resources, science interests and personal experience, she develops her art expression in a hybrid way as the processes unfold. Having Language Teaching and Education degrees from the University of São Paulo as her first training, she has worked around layers of communication for years. When Renata gained her diploma in Fine Arts, affinity between humans and non-humans became an interest that has deepened after her artistic residency at Hangar Lisboa in 2018.



Deep Sea