Pigmento in Campinas

Pigmento in Campinas

Pigmento in Campinas

One of the things I do that makes me an artist is also one of the ideas that attracts me most to art: the experience of the present reflected in the screen, paper or any other support.

This experience can be a gesture or a creation of an image. What the works have in common is the registration of the moment or the presence of what I do.

Not only is the very moment an important condition in carrying out works but it also presents itself as a concentrator of energy, and that is why it would be a mistake to think about it as registering a heroic act.  Above all, the idea of the experience of the moment becomes simply what is actually possible: to be an experience that conducts power and emptiness at the same time, i.e. an attempt.

The works, even although they are ‘precarious’ in their appearance, show they can exist as important transpositions to the next crossing point, i.e. the next work.

To take on the proposal to produce an exhibition of my work of an experimental kind – like the ‘challenge” the curator presented to the Pigmento group of artists– I worked for the first time ever with a large roll of paper where I could create the experiences of representing my attempts, almost always attempts to create a place. I was surprised with the speed at the images appeared when I finally saw the unrolled paper. I found an idea in the roll of paper that was connected to the idea of woolen yarn – which also appear in my works shown here.

The uniqueness of the idea of this exhibition allows my areas of research to reunite with the possibility of the ‘roll of the artist ´ continuing to exist as the way I found for the content I try to create.

Renata Pelegrini