24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts

24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts

24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts

24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts
from 09/11/2017 to 31/01/2018

The Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts began in 1989 and soon became one of the most outstanding and respected cultural events of the Metropolitan Region.

It presents representative works that explore different segments of the visual arts. It has gained a high profile and expanded to various regions of the country, as it always appreciates the representatives, artists and driving forces behind contemporary art.

It has become an encompassing and integrated example in the social language over the years, performing an important role within the scope of visual communication.

It also encourages reflections and initiatives in the field of the visual arts through educational activities that reach out to all the visitors to the salon, whether they are local residents, tourists looking for entertainment, or other art lovers.

The Nilton Zanotti Gallery has become a national showcase and no longer a regional window display.

Monitors will be available to guide and help the public in an interactive process in which knowledge can be exchanged and built.

24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts
“Dialogues with the Present”

On October 30, 2017, the jury was able to examine and choose the prize-winning works for the cash award of the 24th Praia Grande Salon of Visual Arts.

The works were looked at in all their component parts, starting from the expressive nature and perception of the construction of a poetic language of the artist, in dialogue with questions on topical art issues. The work should speak for itself and also present itself to the public in order to be experienced and gain new meanings.

The exhibition was created, based on the possibility of presenting expressive means and different artistic beliefs in a same space which, on being placed in a same environment began to establish other associations, other senses. The idea was to open the possibility to the public of building imaginary ideas about the work itself – of the other and of the world based on the diversity which is so necessary in our lives.

Jury members:
Ana Kalassa El Banat
Walter Miranda
Márcia Campos dos Santos


Opening of the Salon – Nov 9, 2017
Closure – January 31, 2018