Renata Pelegrini was born in São Paulo (Brazil) and is a Brazilian and Portuguese citizen. She has a BA in Fine Arts, in Language Teaching and in Education at the University of São Paulo. Translator and interpreter, she also has a diploma in Neurolinguistics. Since 2011 she has had the painter Paulo Pasta as coach and has studied Art History with the critic Rodrigo Naves. At Escola Entrópica in the Tomie Ohtake Institute she took part in groups of study and production in Contemporary Art and was accepted by Galciane Neves for a year-long coaching program in 2017. Such a varied input has brought a wide array of interests and references to the artist.

She lived in New York and in Milan, where started and deepened the practice of Calligraphy – from the classic alphabets to the oriental gestures. In Switzerland and in Italy, particularly, Pelegrini has widened her possibilities of expression through the close contact with local artists from the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana. This moving around has caused the investigation of the architecture of the place to strongly become one of the lines of her study. Portugal has been her most recent place of immersion during an artistic residency at Hangar Lisboa in 2018. In this experience Renata took part in the Castelo D’IF Association program in the 9th Edition of the Artits’ Open Studios and in the Hangar Residency Open Day, both in Lisbon.

In Brazil, Biblioteca Mario de Andrade in São Paulo and Sesc Bienal in the Federeal Distrisct have been some of the exhibits she’s taken part in 2018. Institutions such as, the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city of Campinas, the Culture Department in city of Santos, the Culture Department in the city of Guarulhos and the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city of Ribeirão Preto have already exhibited her work. Juried art shows, such as, at the MAC in the city of Jataí in estate of Goiás, at the Pinacotheca in the city of Piracicaba and at the SARP – Art Salon in the city of Ribeirão Preto have selected her work. In art galleries, Renata has exposed at Zipper, Sancovsky, TATO, Casa Contemporânea and Area Artis- all of them in the city capital of São Paulo. Besides, she´s exhibited in the state of Minas Gerais, at Orlando Lemos. In 2017 Renata was in Parte Art Fair with the Pigmento Collective and was selected for the 9th Artists Without Gallery. Between 2015 and 2016, Renata participated in more than 10 exhibits, as in Venice (Italy) at Fondazione Giorgio Cini for the Imago Mundi Project of Luciano Benetton – whose collection has a piece of the Brazilian artist.

Artistically represented by Janaina Torres Galeria in Sào Paulo, Pelegrini had her second solo exhibit in April 2018 in the gallery and participated in the SP_Arte Fair. Renata’s first individual was in 2016 in Casa Contemporânea, in São Paulo as well.

Antônio Gonçalves Filho (art critic, journalist for the ´O Estado de São Paulo´ newspaper), Taísa Pallhares (art critic, curator, professor at Unicamp), Marcelo Salles (independent curator) and Mario Gioia (art critic, curator), have all written reviews about Renata Pelegrini´s recent work. The artist has been an acting artist member at the MoMA museum in New York since 2016 and has her studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.