Renata has a B.A. in Language Teaching and in Education at USP, University of São Paulo, has worked as an educator for thirty years and since 1995 has art as an expression. Pelegrini has lived in New York and in Milan, two cities where she studied calligraphy and began her art instruction. In Switzerland she started her practice as an artist and in 2010, back in Brazil, graduated in Fine Arts at Escola Panamericana de Artes in São Paulo. Since then she has had the artist and professor Paulo Pasta as a mentor.

In 2017 Pelegrini took part in the Contemporary Art Production and Study Group at Escola Entrópica in Instituto Tomie Ohtake where she was accepted for the year-long coaching program with the professor and curator Galciane Neves. In 2018 Renata was in Portugal for an art residency at the Center of Artistic Investigation Hangar Lisboa_ where she also exhibited and engaged with the public. In 2019 Renata was part of the art group at BREU in São Paulo where the curator Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa and the artist Laura Belem met artists for conversation about individual development.

Renata Pelegrini has had two individual exhibits since 2016, the recent one happened at Janaína Torres Galeria in 2018. Since her first solo experience the artist has taken part in activities with the public, such as talks with the curator Taísa Palhares. This practice became more frequent and in the three-year consecutive selection for the Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto, she engaged with other artists, the public and the professor Eduardo Riccioppo in art discussions.

The artist has exhibited collectively in the following public institutions: FUNARTE São Paulo, Mario de Andrade Public Library in São Paulo, Sesc Art Biennial in the Federal District of Brasília, MAC_ Museum of Contemporary Art of Campinas, MARP_ Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto and the Culture Secretary of Santos. Likewise, her work has been exhibited in the following private domains: Associazione Calligrafica Italiana (Milan/ 2008), Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Veneza/ 2016) and BNP Paribas Bank (São Paulo/ 2018).

As per the main art shows and salons she has been selected for are: Curitibano in the state of Paraná (BR), Casa Luiz Sacilotto (Santo André), Pinacotheca (Piracicaba), SARP (Ribeirão Preto), MAC in the state of Goias (BR). Pelegrini has exhibited in the following art galleries: Janaina Torres (SP), Zipper (SP), Sancovsky (SP), Tato (SP), Casa Contemporânea, Plano_A (Ribeirão Preto), Orlando Lemos, in the state of Minas Gerais.

Renata participates in the Imago Mundi art project by Luciano Benetton in Italy and is an active artist member at MoMA in New York. She was part of the Pigmento collective.

Taisa Palhares, Marcelo Salles, Antonio Gonçalves Filho and Mario Gioia have reviewed her work.